The admission

The admission Process of such preparation especially is important that it is connected not with taste, and with secret of mixture of components, with esthetic preparation and registration of a dish.

The admission of this seeming game at a certain age very difficult is filled in the teenage period of life.

In Alexey Gabrilovich's movie Without orchestra the boy who grew up in orphanage, deprived of opportunity to mix and try cannot prepare then the simplest things, since tea, and suffers, even knowing the making preparation elements … Children's Kulichiki from sand is the first experience of preparation of the hostess to internal, to nobody to a visible holiday of viands.

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Also exists

Also exists Different periods of life the child is shown by identical stages of speech development, poryayushchiyesya at children of the whole world, irrespective of, yavlya Whether O'Gsya their language simple or difficult.

Also exists huge number of extremely simple languages, on which Tell the primitive people, and children seize them in such Degree KS as they seize also more difficult.

All children pass through the same periods when they can about to shosit N only syllables, then they tell the whole words and, At last, in perfection seize all rules sin , and gisa and grammatiki.

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One of them

One of them a posobpost to stand directly and to go only on two feet ppcRyei of the most difficult nervous structure consisting from not I Hi of N parts.

One of them is the cerebellum, raspolo Mm Ki!

, HI in the brain basis see fig.


Intensive development of a cerebellum begins aged six months.

It quickly grows to the fourteenth or heels nadtsaty month, then speed is slowed down, but a cerebellum about dolzhat grow until to the child it is executed four with catch ache.

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In the same

In the same If the passion to possession is dictated by the informative interest, we can tell that it is lifted on more high level will also conduct the child to knowledge.

Instead of sob stvennichestvo exists here, in this higher inter se, aspiration to know, love and serve.

In the same way in nauch the number research is embodied curiosity.

Curiosity it is an impulse to research.

As soon as the child felt charm of one subject, it will jealously belong to preservation of all subjects.

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Sharon Vegshayder

Sharon Vegshayder Researches distinguish different types of reactions to the alcoholic parent.

Sharon Vegshayder points to four various roles in which children of alcoholics act: Hero the child who charges himself with an excessive role in a family, performing houseworks and organizational tasks.

Whipping boy the center of family disorders and the conflicts.

The lost child the child who has very weak idea of the person as persons and difficult finds the place in a family.

Spoilt child the child, the favourite of a family who is indulged usually and excessively sponsor.

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